Monday, October 11, 2010

Egypt Unit

In class, we are reading the book Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure:Secrets of Ancient Egypt by Lila Perl. Along with this, we are answering questions which will be turned in. After we complete this non-fiction book, we will be working for 2 weeks on our Egypt books. I have scheduled computer lab time for research and for typing. Students are required to read and answer questions on each page they are creating, develop a table of contents and glossary, and to decorate each page as they wish (to go along with the theme). Instructions packets were passed out to students last Friday (10/8). These books will be due on Friday, 10/29. To the right in the Online Resources list, I have updated links to Egyptian sites that are informational and fun. I recommend that students start with these sites and move on to more complex or specific information if they wish.

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