Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is one of the most exciting units we learn all year! There is way more information than we could ever manage in class...feel free to spend some time looking around with the Online Resources to the right. Have some fun learning!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Run!!!! The Vikings are here....

For today, I'd like you to click here. You will use this site as a starting point for some additional Viking Research. At the end of our class period today, you will be required to turn in:
1) One complete thought (in sentence form) that explains an additional fact you learned through today's research. For example: "Vikings were known for their round shields, which they used as a defensive and offensive weapon.  They had a center metal "cup" which protected the hand, and at least one metal bar across the back to use for a hand-hold."

2) A cite for that source:
Viking Age Arms and Armor Viking Shields (name of page) (web address)

You may write this by hand, or type it onto a Word document.